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    Saudi Arabia customer visit Wolwa Group Co.,Ltd

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    From 7th to 9th April, Saudi Arabia customer visit and study Wolwa Group for three days. The deputy general manager Mr.Cai, deputy general manager Mr.Wang, and the person in charge from electronic commerce department accompanied the visit.

    The customer visited the production workshops of Wolwa structural parts, Wolwa pipes, Dorson hydraulic parts, Wolwa Construction Machinery, and child excavators. After seeing the working performance of children excavator, hydraulic excavator, and sugarcane loader, the customer spoke highly of the products; and then makes a deep discussion with the related department officer. The customer was deeply impressed by
    Wolwa advanced technology, convenient operation, high efficiency and comfortable operating environment.Previously, the client also examined other well-known manufacturers of the industry. Wolwa Construction Machinery have a clear advantage in technical quality, production capacity, shipping capacity and service and other aspects . Finally, the customers and Wolwa Group signed an agency agreement on amusement equipments.


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