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    DLS880-9AG wheeled cane loader

    working weight:7800Kg
    55 Kw/2300rpm

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    DLS880-9AG 7.8T wheeled Sugar cane loader feature

    1, structure parts is independently producted, the whole process is quality controlled. All mechanical parts is of finite element analysis, the key welding point is tested no damage.
    2, car body is our mature models, with stable and durable performance .
    3, Enlarged operation room, with optional air conditioning system,clothes tree and ash boxes, the working   environment is more humanity.
    4, The seat has two-way regulating functions, for both work and rest.
    5, Professional and technical service guarantee, and staff in 24 hours service, timely and quickly.
    6, Optional assembled with digging bucket, rotating bucket and other devices to achieve versatility.
    7, Wolwa grab (with sugarcane machine) is equal to the machine hands: widely used in sanitation landfill, loading and unloading waste paper recycling, scrap metal recycling.
     working weight:7800Kg
     Power:  48Kw/2300rpm
                   55 Kw/2300rpm

    DLS880-9AG 7.8 T wheeled Sugarcane loader parameter

    沃爾華DLS880-9AG 7.8噸輪式蔗木裝卸機性能參數 

    沃爾華DLS880-9AG 7.8噸輪式蔗木裝卸機外形尺寸

    沃爾華DLS880-9AG 7.8噸輪式蔗木裝卸機外形尺寸

    沃爾華DLS880-9AG 7.8噸輪式蔗木裝卸機工作范圍

    DLS880-9AG 7.8噸輪式蔗木裝卸機工作范圍

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